Why your CV sucks and how to fix it

Why your CV sucks and how to fix it

Let’s guess, you’re a communications professional and you’re an excellent writer? Wow, that’s a good one. Never heard that before!

Here’s an idea: How about you actually take some time to strategically create the content in your resume instead of sending us through utter crap like this :


  • Develop and execute external and internal communications strategy across the national business
  • Lead the media relations strategy and develop strong relationships with key media and stakeholders
  • Create a diverse range of communications collateral for a wide range of stakeholders including website and intranet copy, e-newsletters and social media content.


Seriously – we all know what a communications professional does. What we and employers want to know is how well you do it.

We want to know about results. Quantifiable achievements.

What kind of strategy did you create? What were the challenges and how was it successful?

What social media campaign did you develop? It’s not a secret surely? Tell us about it. How many people shared it? How many followers did you get?

Strong leadership skills. Whatever. Let’s see a testimonial from someone you have managed and mentored.

Content creation across traditional and new media channels? Show us some writing!

We don’t actually care what your job responsibilities are. We’re not interested in reading a ‘key skills summary’. We’re also not impressed with a glorified version of your position description. Give us the results.

BUT. We do realise that every Tom, Dick and Harry gives you different advice about your cv and it gets awfully confusing.

Here are some home truths to set the record straight:

Length – long or short?
Doesn’t matter! As long as it’s rich with results and achievements rather than waffle it makes no difference.

No. That’s what LinkedIn and Facebook are for and yes we do look.

Reasons for leaving
Include them. For the record, ‘was headhunted’ is not a good reason to leave a job even though it makes you feel cool. It just makes people think you’d jump ship the moment someone offers you something better.

Spelling and grammar

Get it right. Put the full stops in the right place in your bullet point summary. And yes we realise this article is full of errors which is why we are recruiters. You are in communications and have no excuse.


Tell us if the job was a contract or permanent: We’re not mind readers.

If you say you’re a creative person, please make your resume creative. Seriously this is common sense. Creative people should not have boring resumes! Why don’t you send us something completely wild and wacky to blow our minds – a video perhaps??

Go on, I dare you. Do something different.

Margot Keegan - Chief Booker

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