Where is all the intermediate talent?

Where is all the intermediate talent?

Universities are churning out the graduates year after year. There are nowhere near enough jobs, not even close. As a consequence, juniors are approaching employers in their dozens, banging down the doors for opportunities, working for free and taking on extended internships.

There is no place for a poor starving recruiter at this end of the market. Sad face.

At the senior end, the market can only be described as incestuous. Anyone who is anyone knows everyone. If an employer needs to make a key hire, they just pick up the phone and call the lucky person themselves, or tap the shoulder of the person sitting next to them on the Devonport ferry.

No meal ticket here for a hungry recruiter either.

But what are the people in the middle doing? The people who have 6 – 10 years of experience, earning from 70 – 110k?

They are HIDING, and they are in HOT DEMAND.

Often people at this level have young children. They are either scraping the barrel for a deposit for a first home, or mortgaged to their eyeballs. They are incredibly loyal and have built solid relationships with their managers of reciprocated trust and respect. Good people at this level are in jobs. They are not actively scouring SEEK looking for greener pastures.

Now we reach our point. If you want a talented quality mid-level communications professional, you are not going to get one by advertising. Nor by using your typical run-of-the-mill internal recruitment process. #notgoingtohappen

I will let you in on a little secret. We know where these people are. We know where they are working. We know who is great and who is average.

This moderately hungry recruiter can help you to fill the gap.

Margot Keegan - Chief Booker

Margot Keegan

Chief Booker

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