Do you really want a new job? Or are you just money hungry?

Do you really want a new job? Or are you just money hungry?

Recruitment is like any industry – it’s cyclical. Trends come and go as the market moves. Client and candidate behaviour evolves as a reflection of this.

At the moment, there is a wave of candidate behaviour that is, quite frankly, driving us to drink (as if we needed another reason with two toddlers in the house).

Candidates are turning down opportunities at the point of offer. Doesn’t sound like a big deal? Let me elaborate.

Candidate A (let’s call her Anastasia) applied for a job. She went to two interviews and had drinks with the new team. Hey presto – Anastasia got an offer and was very excited. She signed the contract. Anastasia then went to resign with her current employer (let’s call him Jim). Jim didn’t want her to go. He matched Anastasia’s offer and she decided to stay.

Anastasia! If all you wanted was a pay rise, you should have marched into Jim’s office and asked for one.

Let’s talk about Bob. Bob lives in Wellington and applied for a job in Auckland. Our client interviewed Bob via Skype and they hit it off. Our client then flew Bob up for an interview, and provided a night of accommodation. The interview went well and Bob appeared excited. We began to see dollar signs in our eyes (recruitment is a sales job, we don’t pretend otherwise). Bob went home. We did two reference checks. Our client then offered Bob the job. Bob decided he’d rather go travelling instead.

Bob! You just wasted over 15 hours of our time (unpaid might I add), our clients’ time, and your own. Let’s not forget your poor current employer (Thomas) sitting there in windy Wellington, completely oblivious. I’m sorry to say it Thomas, but Bob did not have a stomach virus!

Last but not least. Veronica. Veronica told us her salary expectations were 80 – 90K. Veronica went through the whole process (as above) and received a great offer of 80K. She asked if I could raise the offer, as after considering the opportunity at length, she really needed a bit more to make the move worthwhile. Fair enough? We went back to our client, and negotiated 85K. Well done us. Veronica said no. She really wouldn’t move for less than 90K. Thanks Veronica, greatly appreciated. Nice.

People. Be honest. Be honest with yourself and be honest with us.

Disclaimer: We have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from our memories of them. In order to maintain their anonymity, in some instances we have changed the names of individuals and places.

Boom. Have a good day.

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