Communications and PR Salaries in NZ

Communications and PR Salaries in NZ

We are all curious about salary. We know it’s not polite or socially acceptable to talk about money and as a result there’s always an area of mystery around the subject.

Most of the major recruiters release salary guides (which can be quite helpful) – but how accurate are they, especially when it comes to something as specialised as Communications?

We’re in the very privileged position of knowing how much a large proportion of our communications professionals earn, and thought it might be nice to share our knowledge.

How much do our senior communications people get paid?

There is a huge discrepancy at this level. We have some senior executives running large teams, earning 200k and other individual operators earning 250k. Only a handful of communicators earn over 300K in this country, and these people are typically heading large marketing communications teams.

Very rarely does a PR practitioner get to 200k in an agency. We’re talking PR agency, not large integrated advertising agency. Typically, Senior Account Directors are earning somewhere around the 110 – 170k mark, but of course there are exceptions to every rule.

Marketers vs. Communicators – who earns more?

Marketing, hands down. A GM of Marketing almost always earns more than a GM of Public Affairs. Sad but true. It’s the CMO’s and the GM’s of Marketing AND Communications that are rolling in it $$$

What about industry?

Banks and insurance companies seem to pay the most, closely followed by tech and telecommunications / professional services.

Next is the commercial, consumer and FMCG sectors.

Agencies are next (although salaries are climbing) and the poor old public sector comes last L

What does the average mid-level communications professional earn?

There are a lot of people out there earning 70-something. 75k seems to be the magic number. We’ll go with that.

How does NZ compare to overseas?

The money is definitely better overseas, but of course that’s no surprise. Australia still pays more, but no longer ridiculously so. If you want the big bucks, Asia is the place to go – Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore – and in that order. The Middle East is also worth looking at. Don’t even bother with the UK, that’s now old-school.

Hope that helps! Have a great weekend.

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